The People Are Nepal

The past few days have been a blur. We have been very busy meeting with our U.S. Ambassador of Nepal (Peter Bodde) to ceremonies with members of a small village, visiting Co-ops to Non-Government Organizations.

Everywhere we have been this week discussions have been held on how the Maoists are reluctant to give up control, how the Parliament is no longer in place, there are numerous political parties unable to find common ground, yet the Nepalese people still prevail.

The spirit of this country is amazing. They do not currently have a constitution and it appears they will not come to consensus any time soon, but the spirit of the people is compelling. Their love for each other and their pride is moving. You get a very strong sense of hope from them even when their government has failed them to the point of near collapse.

Everywhere we have been we have been received by people moved to help their fellow man and women. Programs designed to share their wealth through co-ops utilizing microfinance. Visiting services to help widows regain their voice when their community has blamed them for their husbands’ untimely death. Human rights groups fighting for refugees they don’t even know. Child advocates and shelter workers.

All the while, the people of Nepal celebrate their history of failed democracies and turn a blind eye to other nation’s views of them as a failed state.

This week has stirred me. It has drawn up emotions in me for a people I just met and barely know. A people I want to see succeed. A nation I am proud and blessed to have been able to participate in. Even for just a little while.

Tomorrow our Legislative Fellows Program moves on to Bangladesh. I am excited about what the next week has for us, but it is going to be very hard for my heart to completely leave Nepal. Forever I will cherish my time here.

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