Mike CUMike Sexton is currently on the Board with All Things Possible Medical Fundraising (www.AllThingsPossible.org), working with families in need of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Mike has been a Prevention and Public Awareness Specialist addressing violence against women. He has worked with the domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking communities for more than 20 years. Both in the government sector and with the general public. Mike is well known for orchestrating special events, conferences and training events for the community at large.

Mike helped establish the Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau in Charlotte, NC in 2007 and coordinated it for more than 15 years. It has grown to more than 150 volunteers (mostly survivors) covering nearly 350 events per year.

Mike has traveled internationally with the U.S. State Department as a Delegate meeting with local programs and government officials to address issues from local governments to conducting elections. Discussions also included human trafficking, children’s rights to violence against women, and how to promote democracy, human rights, poverty alleviation and development. He has also worked locally with International House mentoring delegates visiting Charlotte from all over the world.

Mike has served on the Boards of the Crime Victims’ Coalition and as a member of the Charlotte Human Trafficking Task Force and the Domestic Violence Advocacy Council (DVAC).

Mike established the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s (NCCADV) Men In The Movement in 2012 promoting statewide conversations with men working with domestic violence programs and services.

Mike established the Charlotte Human Trafficking Roundtable in 2014 promoting collaboration among service providers and the community at large.

Mike established the International Open Prayer Line known as Let Freedom Ring in 2015 designed to intercede for victims of human trafficking through prayer, as well as extend a lifeline to victims being solicited online for sex. (www.LFRprayer.com)

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