Why Not Me

Every morning I wake up thanking God for favor, guidance and protection for today. I don’t worry about the past or wonder about tomorrow. Today is the day.

BUT… tomorrow is going to be different. Tomorrow I get on a plane in Charlotte, NC heading to Washington, DC where I will meet five other delegates chosen by World Learning to participate in a Legislative Fellows Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Before the day ends we will be somewhere over Europe on our way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai will be an overnight stay before flying to Kathmandu, Nepal on Sunday. We spend a week there before traveling to Dhaka, which is the capital of Bangladesh.

Since I take Paul’s advise seriously when he says to pray unceasingly, I find myself constantly checking in with God for direction. For two weeks now I have been asking “Why Me”?

Why is International House calling me asking for my help with visitors? Why am I hosting four women from South Central Asia in December 2012 when they visited Charlotte, NC through the same Legislative Fellows Program? Was it all because He wanted me to be on this trip? Could it be that God is planning to use a donkey again? Could this trip be setting up opportunities in the future?

This trip has intrigue. Culture you can spread with a fork. It has an exotic flavor to it. It also has tension in the form of abuse. Turmoil caused by indecision. And heartache caused by poverty.

In it all though, this trip brings excitement. It is exhilarating knowing that God is up to something and He will use each and every one of us if we are willing. The opportunities are endless. Maybe I’m to be a messenger of hope. I’ll be checking in Lord… boarding the plane, extending a smile to a passenger or an airline pilot, watching for what you are up to while waiting for my bags.

It is comforting to know you are with me friends. Thanks for your prayers for safe travel and divine appointments.

Come with me as I walk the streets in the center city of Dubai. Join me in a variety of discussions in Kathmandu, Nepal. Be with me as I interact with the people of Bangladesh.

In the end I hope you are asking yourself, “Why Not Me”.

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