One Year Ago Today

April Fools’ Day 2022 started like any other day. I didn’t even think about pranks or practical jokes.

When I got out of the shower a massive headache emerged. Throbbing and pulsating.

I don’t get headaches so I thought, “This is weird.”

My next thought wandered through, “is this what a migraine feels like?” And “Do I have an aneurysm erupting?” “I am 66 years old and there is a history of strokes in my family.”

I said to Lisa, my wife, we need to get this checked. Off we went to the nearest Urgent Care. They almost immediately said, “Go to the ER!”

The Emergency Room Doctor ordered a CT Scan and confirmed I was experiencing a brain bleed. “What?!”

They then ordered transport to their Main campus since it was a trauma center.

As they put me in an ambulance I was thinking, “Is this a joke?”

Well… no. I spent the next five days in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to what the Physicians called a “Spontaneous Brain Bleed.”

I spent nine days over the first eleven days of April in the hospital.

I really didn’t feel it was that big a deal. The headaches caused by the blood draining was excruciating, but I felt fine otherwise.

Today, exactly one year later, it is as if it never happened. Like a bad April Fool prank.

Through all of it I knew God had me. I trusted Him that He knew what He was doing.

My perspective changed through this. I no longer take my life for granted. Every day is a gift. I thank God for what He is planning for me today.

Embrace your time on earth. Each day is not guaranteed. Each moment is a blessing.

The really cool thing is that God want us to be a part of His plans. He doesn’t need us. He want us.

Praise God.

Now, April Fool’s Day 2023, I am thinking, “Ok Lord. What are You up to today and how can I help?”