We All Have A Story

It isn’t often that we take the time to hear people’s story. Especially with most everyone sequestered in their homes due to COVID19.

It is even rarer to that an opportunity comes along where men share their journey.

Well, today is the day.

Download The T.E.A.M. Character & Integrity of Manhood. LINK > http://bit.ly/theteam2020

A collaboration of men have come together to author a book entitled The T.E.A.M. Character & Integrity of Manhood.

Each author contributes a chapter capturing their personal journeys into manhood. Each with a unique perspective, yet all with a common goal; to help other men (especially young men) understand we are not designed to go it alone.

This book also is designed to help women see what a man of character looks like and gives them a glimpse into the heart of men with integrity.

Amazon will release the book online today at a discounted rate of just $2.99 between the hours of 11:00AM and 6:00PM as a download for Kindle readers.

I am honored to be included in this effort. You will find my chapter titled Get Back In The Fight.

LINK > http://bit.ly/theteam2020

You can also purchase it in hard copy going forward.

The stories in this book are as varied as the men who wrote them, and yet their common theme defines manhood. Look within these pages to encourage yourself, or someone you know, to become the man God has created you to be.

Download The T.E.A.M. Character & Integrity of Manhood today.

LINK > http://bit.ly/theteam2020