One Year Ago Today

April Fools’ Day 2022 started like any other day. I didn’t even think about pranks or practical jokes.

When I got out of the shower a massive headache emerged. Throbbing and pulsating.

I don’t get headaches so I thought, “This is weird.”

My next thought wandered through, “is this what a migraine feels like?” And “Do I have an aneurysm erupting?” “I am 66 years old and there is a history of strokes in my family.”

I said to Lisa, my wife, we need to get this checked. Off we went to the nearest Urgent Care. They almost immediately said, “Go to the ER!”

The Emergency Room Doctor ordered a CT Scan and confirmed I was experiencing a brain bleed. “What?!”

They then ordered transport to their Main campus since it was a trauma center.

As they put me in an ambulance I was thinking, “Is this a joke?”

Well… no. I spent the next five days in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to what the Physicians called a “Spontaneous Brain Bleed.”

I spent nine days over the first eleven days of April in the hospital.

I really didn’t feel it was that big a deal. The headaches caused by the blood draining was excruciating, but I felt fine otherwise.

Today, exactly one year later, it is as if it never happened. Like a bad April Fool prank.

Through all of it I knew God had me. I trusted Him that He knew what He was doing.

My perspective changed through this. I no longer take my life for granted. Every day is a gift. I thank God for what He is planning for me today.

Embrace your time on earth. Each day is not guaranteed. Each moment is a blessing.

The really cool thing is that God want us to be a part of His plans. He doesn’t need us. He want us.

Praise God.

Now, April Fool’s Day 2023, I am thinking, “Ok Lord. What are You up to today and how can I help?”


Easter Is Coming

We all know that Easter is coming and signs of Spring are blooming everywhere.

Coming out of the dark and cold of Winter is energizing with the sun shining brighter and the days getting longer.

Yes, we may celebrate Easter with a Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter Easter Bunny. These reminders are woven into our daily lives as soon as the first petals appear on the Cherry Blossoms.

For me though, this time of year is a great time to reflect on the Cross.

What we tend to forget is how we got here and who saved us.

Jesus Christ was anticipating our freedom and our salvation as Easter drew near. He was excited for all of His believers knowing that we were being given the gift of eternal life.

He also wanted to show His love to the entire world so He chose to extend forgiveness and to offer everyone salvation.

He chose a brutal death in a brutal time in history. Why not by “guillotine” or “lethal injection?” Those methods are much quicker and much humane then wearing a crown of thorns and experiencing excruciating beatings, scourging and suffocation.

Luke’s depiction of the crucifixion ( captures the agony of the Cross much like The Passion ( does of the scourging Christ took at the hands of the Romans.

The fact that Christ chose to surrender himself to go through this hell is just another example of how much He loves us.

Considering what Jesus went through and how He suffered for us, please remember how He forgave us of our sins, was ridiculed in the process, and surrendered Himself to our Father in Heaven.

And on Easter Sunday morning celebrate His Resurrection because He rose from the dead and today He is alive seated at the right hand of the Father until the day He returns.


Glorious Day – Casting Crowns

Carry My Cross – Third Day

Forever – Kari Jobe


What is scourging?


Where was Jesus on Holy Saturday?

Sometimes I wonder when the Bible has gaps in time and isn’t very clear what really took place. Like Jesus’ childhood between His visit to the temple at age 12 (Luke 2:41-51) until His ministry started at age 30.

So what actually took place on Holy Saturday? (the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday)

Was this a day of rest for Jesus where He lay in a tomb? Or was He in a fight with Satan in which He clearly defeated death?
The only biblical reference to what happened on the Saturday in between Jesus’ death and resurrection is found in Matthew 27:62-66. After sundown on Saturday—the end of the Sabbath—the chief priests and Pharisees went to Pontius Pilate and asked that a guard be placed at Jesus’ tomb to prevent His disciples from removing the body. They remembered Jesus saying that He would rise again in three days (John 2:19-21) and wanted to do everything they could to prevent that. We know from the succeeding accounts that the Roman guards were inadequate to prevent the resurrection and those who returned to the tomb Sunday morning found it empty. The Lord had risen.

What is your take?

Reference > (pick your translation of choice)