Are We An Accomplice?

A recent post on Drinkers With Writing Problems entitled “Elizabeth Gomez: Beast Woman” is a chilling example of the ripple effect of victims trying to minimize the violation of rape.

Ladies… You have a right to be pissed off. I am so sorry that you were violated and that some of you have gotten to a point of dealing with your pain by trying to rationalize it.

bigstock--D-Your-Voice-Crossword-On-Whi-31349309Rape is a brutal violation build on a foundation of rage regardless of what a rapist’s relationship is with the victim. It is especially brutal when a man violates his wife or his girlfriend or family member. Did you know that according to the CDC more than 85% of rape victims knew their rapist?

I am always amazed by the strength and courage of women that have endured any form of abuse by men that are supposed to love them. To Elizabeth’s point, every woman has a right to tell her story and many find it pivotal to their hearing. But it’s not easy. I am proud of you Elizabeth and the countless others that have discovered how important their voice is to help turn the tide of violence against women and girls.

cards side 2Guys… we know not all men are perpetrators, but the 4 out of 5 of us that don’t abuse their partners are not speaking up. We need to learn from these women how to discover our own voices. Otherwise we find ourselves defending ourselves or worst; our silence puts us in the role of accomplice.

Men… let’s tell the women in our lives that they are loved and cherished. That we do not view them as sex toys or a playground for our self-fulfilling needs. Let’s rise up to be the men that God designed us to be.

Let’s make our purpose in life about presenting the women in our lives in a greater light than the day God presented them to us.